CL04 True and False Charismatic Spirituality MP3


True & False Charismatic Spirituality: Being Spiritual But Not Weird
In this talk geared toward both Protestants and Catholics, Colin begins with a surprising look at the role of legalism in the lives of most devout Christians. He answers the question as to what is the key to the spiritual life.
He then moves on to a frank analysis of a number of problematic teachings in the charismatic renewal.
**Hearing God without being sent to the funny farm
**Did the devil really make you do it?
**Spiritual revelations may reveal more about you than about God
**Bad healing theology = bad practices
**Is there a connection between spiritual power and holiness?

One Catholic nun who has been in charismatic leadership for over 30 years said that this was the best talk on this subject that she had ever heard.

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